We recently conducted a game-a-thon event at Ridgevalley School,  Delhi-Gurugram. The students were shortlisted based on their sparkie count from April till January. 15 students were selected from each class to participate. On 11th February, it was conducted for grades 3 to 5. There were two rounds of online games followed by a final Quiz round. 

The Benefits of Math Game-A-Thon

Beyond, fun games serve real academic purposes.  It could be a decent change from monotonous from pencil-and-paper schoolwork and can reduce academic stress.

Students are less self-conscious while competing in a game, as it’s fun. It takes away the fear of failure and helps them understand their weakness better, unlike in a typical math classroom set-up. That can reduce math anxiety and help kids develop a more positive attitude toward schoolwork.

Game-a-thon serves as a fantastic opportunity for teachers too, to observe her student’s levels of learning. With no fear of grades, students compete with fantastic sportsman spirit and make the most of it. 

We asked Mindspark coordinator of Ridgevalley school, Gurugram of her experience of game-a-thon and how she sees this event as!

As an educator, how has your teaching journey shaped in all these years?

I started my career as a teacher, and as I evolved along with my students, it was always the direction and pace of their growth that defined my stride. When they evolved from students to learners, I took the cape of teacher off, put the hat on, of a Facilitator. Today, I do not teach as a facilitator, I facilitate learning for myself along with my group of learners. This is how my journey has blossomed as an educator.
How do you see Game-a-thons/ competitions shaping the student engagement?
Game-a-thons will enhance the competitive spirit in students. They will learn how to quickly analyse a question and solve accurately.
Your school recently had Mindspark Game-a-thon event, please share with us your observations of Game-a-thon.
Game- a-thon is an exciting way of integrating technology with learning. The event was well planned and executed. Students had their bit of fun as well with learning.
One thing you enjoy the most about being a teacher.
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