When a 9th-grade student,  Avantika Saaish from Gems Modern Academy signed up for forensic science course she expected it to be a “mix of playing detective and learning science.”

Little did she expect that at the end of her winter break she would start questioning every information presented before her.

We were taught that our tongue senses some flavours such as sweetness, bitterness, saltiness etc. better at certain parts. None of us questioned this fact, even though we all knew we could taste different flavours well all around our tongue.” she gathers sceptically.

Another student, Vedaant Jamaiya from Grade VIII, DPS Dubai, who was Avantika’s batchmate during the 3 weeks of “Dubai’s Most Gifted” programme by ASSET joined the forensic science course because of his love of solving mysteries.

“This course is better than the way we learn at school,” he says.

Avantika, Vedaant and 44 others like them were the gifted children who participated in Dubai’s Most Gifted programme. This programme is organised by ASSET and students from 14 different schools from Dubai and Sharjah participated in the 3-week gifted learning programme.  

Students were exposed to modern and unique courses such as “Argument-Driven Science Learning” that focused on introducing students to the scientific way of thinking and questioning, “forensic science” which offered students an opportunity to put their ‘detective’ hats on and look for clues as they solved criminal mysteries.

Courses for the Gifted

Academically gifted students typically have very high skill levels and tend to oscillate between ‘boredom’ and ‘relaxation’. This means that they are not feeling challenged and hence, not utilising their full potential. Dubai’s most gifted was designed by industry experts and delivered by instructors from these industries.

According to one report on high-achieving students, more than 7 in 10 teachers of these students surveyed noted that their brightest students were not challenged or given a chance to “thrive” in their classrooms.

Additionally, gifted students need gifted programming in many cases because the “general education program is not yet ready to meet the needs of gifted students” due to lack of general educators’ training in gifted education and the pressure classroom teachers face to raise the performance of their struggling students. 

During this programme, students got to interact in a diverse classroom where both boys and girls were collaborating on activities and experiments. The instructors (who hailed from various cities in India) added another element of diversity and brought a variety of perspectives for students to think and debate about. In addition, the classes were designed to challenge each student uniquely – catering to differences in learning speeds and abilities.

But, this is not all! Our next post is going to bring to you a lot of insights on what does the day at DGM looks like for a student!

Watch out this space! Know all about our upcoming flagship programme for Gifted Students



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