The latest article in the internationally renowned weekly The Economist throws light on how technology can help to develop and poor countries provide better education to its children especially in rural areas where the quality of teachers is really poor.

It is such an honour that this report features Mindspark for its effectiveness in the article the “Teacher’s little helper” in the International section of the print edition.

 “The weakest kids benefit the most.”

The adaptive learning feature of Mindspark let’s student learn and practice at their own level.  Since every child is assigned to a desktop, she has the liberty to make mistakes and learn from that mistake and move to the next level, without facing the embarrassment of answering wrongly or ‘not-knowing’.

According to The Economist, this feature of Mindspark helps the weakest of the children. It also helps the teacher  “manage a wide range of abilities in a class.”

none reported having been on the internet”, but they are seen “doing sums, playing learning games and watching videos on their tablets.”

When the Economist reporters reached the Ghanghu, a desert village Rajasthan,

They did not expect to see children sit in the “Mindspark lab”—a simple room with tablets on its desks and children practising sums, playing learning games and watching videos on them.

According to the article, the head teacher, Ravindra Sharma is very content. Mindspark has made his school popular, and unlike other Government schools in Rajasthan,  enrollments in his school have actually increased.

Our endeavour to make highest quality education accessible to the children in the remotest parts of the country is being recognised by an international magazine of such high calibre. This is a moment of pride for us at Educational Initiatives (EI)

In fact, this is the second time The Economist is featuring Mindspark. Earlier in 2017,  the print edition carried the article “Machine learning.”

The online version of the current article with the headline “In poor countries technology can make big improvements to education” is available for reading here.

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