The much-awaited ASSET 2017 Winter round Toppers list is out. Congratulations to the students for making it to the Toppers’ List. From about two lakh students who took the test, 270 have made it to this prestigious list.

ASSET is not just another test; it’s a test of conceptual and skill-based understanding. Not a single question has been repeated in the ASSET test since the last 17 years, and that makes the test tougher to crack. And hence outshining in the ASSET Test is not a piece of cake.

The ASSET Test helps teachers and parents to get an idea of conceptual understanding of the students for the particular topic. It highlights the strengths and weaknesses of individual students and the entire class. This helps educators to know where their students stand. A Principal shares her feedback on how the ASSET Test has been a valuable resource for her students as well as teachers.

“ASSET is a valuable addition to students’ skills acquisition and validates the quality of the curriculum. Its data and student performance analysis helps identify students’ misconceptions” – Ms. Nargish Khambhatta, Principal, GEMS Modern Academy, Dubai.

So, once again, congratulations to the toppers for putting their best foot forward!


Here we have the nerds of Literature


Cheers to the Math Bugs!


Here we have the Scientists of the future!


Kudos to the shining stars of Social Studies


And the Hindi Scholars


We have Toppers from the ASSET Dynamic Test as well. Congratulations Guys!


Kudos to the Math Toppers of ASSET Dynamic


And here we have the Science Toppers from ASSET Dynamic

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