The wait is finally over! The list of ASSET SUMMER ROUND TOPPERS is here.!!

Many congratulations to the students who have displayed outstanding performance and made it to the toppers list!

It is not easy to excel at ASSET! The reason being, ASSET focuses more on the conceptualising skills. It tests how well SKILLS and CONCEPTS underlying the school syllabus have been understood by the student.

It aligns with the format of the competitive exams, that offers an array of career opportunities to student across the country! This also enables the student to prepare for these exams beforehand and understand accordingly!

ASSET helps the student strengthen the base of the subject/topic. It is not meant for rote learning, but for those who understand and can do real-time application!

So, pat your back! 

A shoutout to Wordsworth and Shellys of the house!

KUDOS to your hard work!

And, let’s not forget the Einsteins and Newtons in the house!

Three cheers for the  Social Studies scholars!

And, now for those who have lived up to Matras and Dohas

Congratulations, once again!! Celebrate this success and look out for the opportunities that lie ahead!

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