Though teaching is perceived as relaxing job compared to other professions but it doesn’t look like it is. The requirements and expectations of being a teacher are almost equal or even more than the other professions but it is not realised as the output of the efforts aren’t instant. Usually a teacher’s responsibility is perceived to be limited to explaining concepts and making sure that students are learning every day in school. However, knowingly or unknowingly a teacher shapes the students’ childhood and learning in many ways. The teacher has the potential to impact a child’s life in following ways:

Building personality:

Children observe more than we do. As a child, when they are trying to understand the world, they observe, imitate, and get influenced very easily. It can prove to be either beneficial or harmful, depending on how one act upon it. As a teacher not just what you teach, how you behave with students, how much respect you give them, the tone with which you speak , the way you dress, the way you conduct yourself is observed by students almost every day. So inculcation of soft skills can be very much dependent upon teacher’s conduct in class. Thus using this wisely can help in shaping personality of students.

Helping build faith and relations:

Almost everyone likes getting noticed, appreciated and politely guided by their mentors; imagine how big a difference can these small acts make in kid’s life? In a class of 30-40 students, if children’s efforts are appreciated timely and teacher takes care of what every child does and knows why he/she does so, helps build a bond between the teacher and students. If the teacher can step ahead from just knowing that a student hasn’t done assignments and has scored low to be able to foresee or reason out why a child hasn’t performed as per expectation, would mean that the teacher knows him/her and has built a bond. This bond not just helps student face their problems, share it with teachers but develop their faith in making relations and helps them to build new bonds with other people.


Build values and a strong foundation for life:

Knowingly or unknowingly, teachers have the power to instill values in their students. Every time a child is faced with a situation, guiding not just with what should he/she be doing but also why he should be doing that can set a strong foundation for his future actions. While students are in their age of building their own rationale, a teacher can shape it taking case studies from their own environments. This helps students build their values and assist them in having a strong foundation, if guided at a proper age.

Achieve in life:

As all beings are unique so are kids. They all come with different skills and interests and a teacher can hone them. Many a times painting all kids with same brush results in differentiated tagging of kids as high performing, average and low performing students. However, if a teacher can understand the kids deeply, knows the areas where each student is strong and areas where they need to work on, and believe that each child can perform, this can boost a lot of self-confidence, positivity in students and help them concentrate and achieve better.


A teacher is a person with whom children spend most of their learning time, and when teachers not just take responsibility of helping children learn a topic but also take care of their lives, understand their world and play a big role in nurturing them for life, it makes a teacher a good teacher.



By Ritika Arora – Educational Specialist

Ritika Arora

Ritika Arora

​Ritika Arora, who is working as an Educational specialist in Large scale assignments at Educational Initiatives,is a highly enthusiastic girl with a zeal to do something substantial in education sector. She is born and brought up in Delhi and has completed her Engineering in ​E​lectronics and ​E​lectrical in 2011. She has worked in Ericsson on networking projects and then joined Teach For India fellowship in ​P​une. She took up various projects during her fellowship, and taught English , Maths and Science to 7th and 8th grade students in a Government school in ​P​une. Besides working she likes to hangout and meet new people​,​ ​i​s a movie buff and has a fair interest in adventure sports.
Ritika Arora

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