A school administers the ASSET tests, they receive their reports – what next? What can teachers do after ASSET? There’s no short answer to that – there’s so much that one can do with the ASSET reports! This is because the reports provide a lot of valuable information for teachers. If teachers are short on time and want to distill the information down to two essential points, here they are:

  1. The ASSET report gives each teacher class-specific feedback on skills – teachers need to focus on these highlighted skills first.
  2. The report also gives teachers question-level information – these are often strong misconceptions in the classroom.

Once the teachers have this information, they need to integrate it within their classroom teaching. There are multiple ways to do this – a teacher can start off with identifying the misconceptions that she wants to tackle in the classroom and then design or find resources that can be used in the classroom.

We know that it takes time, energy and inspiration to design your own classroom resources. It’s best for teachers to use a combination of resources available online along with their own resources to make this work.

Need some inspiration? Here’s a cool set of resources that Google-certified teachers have developed – to be used in tandem with a viewing of the movie Interstellar:



It’s a great example of how you can use one video/movie/story to create multiple resources across multiple subjects and grades – covering multiple learning objectives.

There are plenty of online resources to be tapped – some of our favourites include:









Mixed bag:




Teachers could even use an ASSET question (or their own question!) as a starting point and spin-off into a lesson plan – our Teacher Sheets have been designed in a similar way. They guide teachers to conduct activities in the classroom that are centred around a key idea that many students find difficult.

Do remember that one size doesn’t fit all – it’s ok if one or two activities or lesson plans fall flat. They may work wonders in one class, and fail in the other. The purpose is to learn from each other in the staff room and keep modifying your teaching to what works best for you. We would love to hear from you about the lesson plans that have worked well or how you used your ASSET reports to modify teaching in your classroom – and we’re sure other teachers would love to hear your experience too! Do share your experiences with us in the comments below or send them to info@ei-india.com

By Meghna Kumar, Manager – Test Development


Meghna Kumar

Heads Test Development at EI and enjoys finding out what's happening in classrooms. She is interested in how children think and the ways in which we can use information from assessment in the classroom. She also loves Bangalore's trees!