Shagun Agarwal was ASSET Ambassador of her school from 2011-2012. She has topped the CBSE Class 10 result from Bahraich city. She scored 100% marks in the exam. Congratulations to Shagun from team EI.



Whom do you give the credit for your achievement?

First of all, I would like to thank GOD for always being there with me at every step of my life. Apart from GOD many people have contributed to my success. Sometimes in life we meet someone who changes our view towards life. Whatever that person says seems like pleasant music to our ears. The founder manager of Guru Kripa Divine Grace Public School, Bahraich, Madam Chavi is one such person in my life.
She always told me to have a positive attitude towards life. The way she motivated and inspired us cannot be defined in words. My parents whom I consider the best parents in this world were of immense help. Their mental support and care never let me down. My teachers were really some of the best teachers, who always clarified all our many doubts and answered our incessant queries.


What helped you to achieve this feat?

A healthy environment both at home and school, time management, working on everyone’s expectations and the success mantra conveyed to me by Madam Chavi helped me achieve this feat.

The success mantra: Concentrate in the class while the teacher is teaching, revise the topic as the teacher leaves the class and revise it once again at home.


Did you expect to top the CBSE, Class10?

From the beginning of class 10 I had set my target of getting a 10 CGPA in my boards. I did my best to achieve it and left the results in the hands of GOD.

What message you want to deliver to class 10 aspirants?

I would like to tell all the class 10 aspirants to set their goals from the beginning, learn to manage their time and try to be consistent in performance by working hard from the very first day of the session and keep in mind that nothing is impossible if we are determined to achieve it.

What you liked about ASSET? And how has ASSET test helped in your studies?

The ASSET test is just amazing. It taught me the importance of learning with understanding. ASSET has helped me in many ways in attaining my goals: Learning with understanding is what truly going to help me in my class 10 board’s preparation because the kind of questions one gets in the board exams cannot be cracked by cramming the questions and answers pertaining to the text book alone.

The ASSET test provided me a detailed analysis of my strengths and weaknesses and by working on my weaknesses I could convert them into my strengths.

Educational Initiatives

Educational Initiatives

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Established in 2001, Educational Initiatives believes in making a difference in education through personalized learning and ensuring that students learn with understanding.

EI has over 15 years of expertise in education, with a deep understanding of child psychology and efficient methods of teaching, based on detailed research and a formidable database of student learning through ASSET.

Our detailed research has proven that children today respond to rote-based questions relatively well, however, they fail to answer unfamiliar or application based questions due to unclear core concepts.
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