Students to sharing their views about a teacher outside their classroom who has taught them a valuable lesson in life.

There are many things in life that you yearn for…Love, family, respect…Love can neither be taught nor bought. Family is something valuable that you inherit. But respect is something that can be earned through hard work and that should be taught to everyone from a very young age. As the saying goes…Give respect and take respect…!!

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Once, when I was in Grade 6, we had an elderly lady who worked as the janitor. I reach school pretty early; in fact I’m the first to reach my class. That day, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and was in an extremely bad mood. As I stepped into my classroom, a huge cloud of dust and dirt landed on my brightly polished black shoes!! Shock gave way to anger and I glared at the tiny old woman who was holding a large broomstick. She looked at my shoes in dismay and released a flurry of apologies. I was in no mood for apologies and ranted on about carelessness and my ruined shoes. After hearing my complaints which were over-rated, she hurried out bumping into my English teacher on the way. Seeing my English teacher I wished her a good morning. My teacher called me inside the staffroom. There was no one else there. She looked at me with piercing eyes.“I heard the whole outburst. What you did was extremely wrong.

I hope you feel some remorse…Respect can only be received if you give out some in proper amounts. To be respected by everybody is a great gift. Today you behaved very badly to the janitor and immediately afterwards when you saw me, you wished me…This is a superiority complex that has been imprinted in your mind…She contributes to your benefit as much as I do…Why did you behave so rudely to someone who’s almost as old as your grandmother?

Remember child… always… always respect your elders irrespective of what they do for you…This is something which you must understand at this young age…

Now what do you propose to do?” “Ma’am, I would like to apologise to her.”, I replied in a small voice. “Good girl, now hurry up before the others arrive… I think we’ll keep this as our small secret”, she said with a warm smile. That ended there…Neither of us mentioned it afterwards. Even though, this unique teacher no longer teaches me, her words are there forever in my heart. She taught me one of the most valuable lessons anyone on this planet can obtain…Respect for our fellow beings…!!

By Lakshmi Ajay, Our Own English High School, Fujairah

Recently  our  Hindi teacher was teaching a lesson to us that moment I got  a  big lesson that when a problem comes to  any once life, it scares only a person who is coward . But a person who is very confident won’t lose his courage even for a moment.  They actually hug problems they make their way in difficulties. There is no hurdle in the world against which any person cannot withstand. If a person is determined he can also climb Mount Everest easily. There are many hidden talents in every human we just have to explore it, find it and show it to the world. Who doesn’t light the candle won’t be able to remove darkness. Today Anna Hazare is  able  to  fight  against  corruption  because  he  is  determined that  he  will  give  service  to  the  society  and  has  confidence to  build  corruption  free  India.

By Chinmay Kansara, Sanghamitra School, Hyderabad

A teacher is someone or something in your life who teaches you a lesson that you will never forget. A teacher could be the one in your classroom who teaches you math, science, social studies and so on. Or it could be your mother or father who teach you values. It could also be an animal(s). After seeing a colony of ants working together, saving food for their colony, don’t we feel that we must also work as a group, a community, and make our world a better place? Ought we not to settle our disputes peacefully, instead of war, like the ants. These are some of the many things a teacher outside school teaches us.

Now I will relate to you one incident where somebody taught me an important lesson I will never forget as long as I live. In this case, it was my mother who taught me a lesson. I have, like many boys of my age, been fascinated by the sport of cricket. But most of all, I loved to wicket-keep. I loved wicket-keeping so much that soon I treated everything in my hands as a ball. Books, bags, pencils and whatnot were thrown into the air and caught by me. One day, while waiting to catch an auto to go to my tuition, I threw my tuition bag up in the air very forcefully. I caught it by the handles in such a way that the bag was separated from the handles and my books lay scattered on the road. I was reprimanded by my mother who told me not to use everything in your hands as a ball. Did I listen to her? Or, more importantly, did I even care? The answer is no.  Another time, I shattered a tube light. Then, you might ask, had I learned my lesson? No, I hadn’t.

But finally, the day came. My family had gone out. I had remained at home with my cousin, Akshay. They brought back some take over food for us to share. I found a packet of chutney in the bag. Instantly, it went up like a rocket. When it landed safely in my outstretched hands, it burst. I had chutney all over my face and dress. After Akshay had left, I was once again reprimanded for my misdeed. But it had done the trick. I vowed never to use anything but a ball again to practice my catching. And who knows, it might have been a good thing too. I might have become a security guard and, while playing catch with a bomb, who knows what would have happened to me if it had blown up in my face.

These are the type of lessons teachers outside your classroom teach you. At the time, you might think that this thing is a bunch of baloney, but later on in life you’ll realize that your teacher was trying to teach you something important. So you have to be alert. When you feel that anyone or even anything is trying to teach you something good for you, grasp it. Thank you for reading this article and try to understand that, when someone you trust is trying to teach you something, it is for your own good.

By Deepak Ilango, The PSBB Millennium School, OMR, Chennai

Last year, I saw a television program on NDTV India which changed my life. That episode showcased the story of Sudha Chandran’s grit and determination. Her determination and courage changed the face of misfortunate for her. She has also shown us that we should never let our troubles get the better of us. We should have faith in ourselves and everything would be fine.

First, she recalled an accident that nearly ruined her life. She was only eighteen years old when her right leg had to be amputated. Her world fell apart as she had just embarked upon a sparkling career in Bharatnatyam. She had a very strong will power; she vowed to walk again and that too without crutches. She underwent rigorous practice. Unfortunately the spring in the equipment got jammed. The doctors gave her a special leg and she successfully gave her public performance and she went on to establish her as an international dancer. Sudha Chandran was a fine example of courage and determination prevailing at the end. She showed me that if you are determined, the hostile world becomes friendly. She also taught me that one can shape one’s destiny. I am truly inspired by her.

Tabish Aleem

My brother taught me to face a problem in life. He said whenever there is a problem ,we have first know what is the problem, then we have to know how the problem is formed and then we have to find the solution for the problem. It was the day when he came to my house and I was playing with a steel rod in the window and a wire. Suddenly it struck in the window rod I was not able to release it. I asked to him how to release it to him, he said that “now you know that it is a problem and what is that, then see how the problem is formed. Always if there is a problem definitely there will be a solution and a way the problem is made. Now take yourself a deep breath if you are not so patient to solve the problem and think how it struck there and find a way to make it out. “And I followed him until I released that wire. And at last he said that not this problem alone all the problems is the live has a solution definitely. It needs some patience alone. And the problem will solve easily.

By K Al Mariam Ul Assia,  Sivakasi Nadars Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Madurai

Teachers are such unique gifts of god. So tolerant, so kind and yet so firm. They dedicate their leisure time to us students. They teach us not only math or sciences, but moral values for life. They are replicas of mothers to us. They are the best example for the future generation.

I have met a teacher just like this-tolerant, kind, and devoted to us all. Gives everything she has to us, and yet we don’t appreciate her. She teaches us values through her forms, and yet we don’t show her respect. Still, she says nothing and silently helps us till our end. This teacher is Nature- one of the greatest teachers of the world. Her purple-headed mountains teach us to be confident and proud of ourselves. Vast water bodies teach us to be open-minded, the sky tells us to have self-esteem and reach for our goals. Trees teach us to be versatile, while leaves and fruits teach us about patience. Such wonderful values-why do we waste them?

Nature herself teaches us to be selfless and always offers a helping hand. Why don’t we understand and take in what Mother Nature teaches us, instead of wearing it off. So, I would like to conclude with a request-Let’s all hold hands and save our teacher, Mother Nature.

By Aditi Pandit,  Sishu Griha Montessori and High School, Bangalore

My Teacher – Poem

As I sit in my office,

I still remember, the time,

When I was being coaxed,

By Professor Hamim.

My academics were poor,

And all because of, my father,

As that time, when I was 5,

He was cruelly snatched away.

Too timid to tell the teachers,

So, they never knew,

Why I performed worse,

And worse when I grew.

And then, out of the blue,

Came a teacher so kind,

And one by one, he,

Looked at my thoughts, and read my mind.

I thought of him as godsend,

He helped me at every bend,

Taught me to read, write and fly a kite,

He opened my mind to inner sight.

Now, I, sit on my armchair,

I have a decent job, and more,

And all these, hats off to my teacher,

Or rather, a second father?

By Taresh Vohra, Sishu Griha Montessori and High School, Bangalore

A teacher is a person who influences you in more ways than one. They teach you lessons of life that make you a strong and independent individual.  They inculcate moral values in you like leadership, compassion, respect, integrity and most importantly, love for humanity. Teachers encourage you to stand up to your fears and chase your dreams.

A good teacher helps her students develop self esteem and makes them feel unique and special.  She tries to see things through her students’ eyes so she can understand them better.

A teacher makes umpteen sacrifices just for her students whom she loves and cares for like her own children. She devotes all her time and affection to her students so that they may gain more knowledge.

A good teacher does all this and expects nothing in return. But it is a student’s duty to thank their teachers who have done so much for them. Often, this thank you goes unsaid. So this Teacher’s Day, I would like to thank all my teachers for making a difference in my life.
“A good teacher is like a candle; it consumes itself to light the way for others. “ –Author Unknown.

By Roshin Varghese, Our Own English High School, Fujairah, UAE

I looked out of the window of the car,

And saw flowers under grey clouds stretched far.

They taught me that life may give us troubles,

But we must go on and not be buried in the rubble.

I looked out again and saw

A rainbow, with people staring in awe.

They taught me that life gives many pleasures,

Many of these being nature’s treasures.

Yet again, I looked out but saw this time

People running a race just as a pastime.

They taught me life is lively and full of action,

But we mustn’t dawdle or we’ll miss all the fun!!!!

Last but definitely not least, I looked out to see

An artist painting a scene of calm, soothing beauty.

They taught me that life is peaceful in its own striking way,

With nature as its dress and the sky as its beret.

By now you’re probably wondering, “Who’s her teacher?

It’s not nature, my parents, friends, family or a preacher.

Friends, my teacher is a journey,

And it won’t cost you a single rupee.


By Aditi Ramakrishnan, Delhi Public School, Bangalore North

My Mom

My mom taught me how to walk  and she taught me how to talk. She taught me how to run, so that I can play with fun. She taught me how to write, so that my future is bright.  She taught me how to tell, so that everything goes good & well. She taught me how to eat, so that I can enjoy rice and wheat. She taught me how to learn, so that I can earn. She taught me how to care. For my welfare, she taught me how to smile to make me happy for a while.  She is the best person I ever had and to whom I share my feeling when I am sad.

By  Akshaya T,  BVB’s Atmakuri Rama Rao School, Hyderabad

If someone ask you to name your favorite teachers from kindergarten through 5th standard , it would be easy to answer, wouldn’t it? It would also be an enjoyable question to answer because it would bring back so many fond memories of wonderful people who’ve touched both your life. You would be thinking about people who not only taught you things of value, but inspired you as well.

My classmates and I were asked this question and made me think about people who had the most positive influence on me. We were asked to write down our answers. I thought of Dheera Mam and Sangeeta Mam. I thought of Ashima Mam and Poonam Mam. Then came this question: “What do they all have in common?” My hand went up first, Mr Sharma called on me. I said, “Sumitra Devi – Our school maid.”

That was apparently the answer he never expected. He said, “I ask that question every year, and I always get different names but never I got this type of answer.” He went on to explain that , “We all remember our favorite teachers — the ones who had passion and enthusiasm, the ones who loved and enjoyed what they were doing but today I am asking about “ A teacher outside your classroom, who taught you a lesson for life and wanted me to choose some anoter name to which I again said Sumitra Devi – Our School Maid. She is the one lady who met me on school gate on the very first day I entered the school crying not ready to leave my mothers hand as if dragged to death.  She took me to my class room, introduced me to my class teacher and my classmates and made me comfortable in class. She was always there to help me in my most embarrassing situations my problems which I was not able to share with anybody in my school she was the one to take me out of those situations. I have always seen her having fun while working hard, sometimes tough on the kids, energetic, understanding. She has great sense of humor , Imagination. She is always prepared and ready to help every student of the school. She tells us story , motivate us when we are punished or hurt. I always say names of my favourite teachers but I make my school days till now a tribute to her.

One of them, to punctuate the point, said “Exactly!” To which everyone nodded in silence and clapped.

By Prabhnoor Monga, Blue bells school International, New Delhi

One day I was in the class alone doing my maths pending work, as the day before I was absent. As I was doing my work I thought I saw someone peeping in through the classroom door. I got up and looked out of the door my friend was there. She came to me and we started talking. After a while she went back and I also went back to my seat, but just as I had started doing my work, the led of my pencil broke so I sharpened my pencil. I went to throw the pencil shavings in the dustbin near the door, a gust of wind blew some of the shavings from my hand into the passage. I went into the passage and picked the pencil shavings, but just then I saw my class teacher outside the door. She asked me why I was out of the classroom while I ought to be inside and that she had seen me talking with my friend. I told my class teacher that some pencil shavings were lying in the passage and that I had come to pick them up and I admitted that I had been talking with my friend. My class teacher told me to stay back in school until I finish my work. I was very sad and thought if I complete my work quickly my teacher will let me go home, so I completed my work by the time it was three o’clock. I went to my teacher and asked her if I could go home, but she said ‘no I cannot go home because she would like to talk to me.’ After five minutes she came to me. ’She said ‘you should have done your work first and not have gone to sharpen your pencil and should have not started talking with your friend as you disturbed yourself while doing your work and for another thing if you do not concentrate on your work you may not be able to understand it properly. So child does not disturb yourself while working and please remember this for the rest of your life.’ I said ‘sorry ma’am thank you ma’am for teaching me such a wonderful lesson and I will take care in future that I don’t make this mistake again.’

This lesson I still keep in mind and will also keep in mind in future.

By Vama Dave, Anand Niketan, Satellite, Ahmedabad

Sometime back, we visited my great-aunt. She showed a baby pigeon, housed in her verandah. After admiring the pigeon, everyone went inside, while I stayed to observe it. It made no effort to conceal the fear in its eyes.

In fact, I imagine, if it could fly, it would have flown far, far away. Initially I stood very near to it, unknowingly increasing its apprehension as seconds passed. Its eyes looked frantically around for any comfort.   Noticing that, I backed off a little. Its reaction was slow, but slowly, it relaxed a bit. I stayed for longer, and the pigeon’s anxiety gradually disappeared. I stood closer, and yet it didn’t seem scared. Soon, we had to leave. I looked at the pigeon one last time, and went. Looking back; I realize the bird taught me a great deal.

Everyone has their initial fear, shyness, or whatever it is. Give everyone their space, and time, and soon they will open up towards you. The little pigeon initially frightened, eventually lost its fright when I kept my distance.

That day, when I left the house, I left with images of baby pigeons, and a friend who I learned a lot from.

By Taruni Sunder, GEAR Innovative International School, Bangalore

My teacher was Swami Vivekananda who taught me a lesson for life, why because Swami Vivekananda was also called as Narendranath in childhood.  He was all rounder.  He could sing well.  He was good at sports and had a ready wit.  He also had a powerful concentration of mind.

Once at Chicago, the first session of the parliament was opened in the ‘Great Hall of Columbus’ and there as a large audience of 7000 people.  Swami Vivekananda stood up and began his speech by saying, “Sisters and Brothers of America”, immediately there as a thunderous applause from the vast audience.  Swami Vivekananda presented Hinduism as a way of life which taught that all religious are true and that all of them should be accepted.

Swamiji  by his saying said that, strength is life, weakness is death Arise, awake (wakeup yourselves and awaken others) and stop not till the goal is reached (from the upanished).

Worship the poor, the miserable and the weak.  Let these people be your God.  Think of them and work for them.  The Lord will show you the way.

We want that education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased,  the intellect is expanded, and by which one can stand on one’s own feet.

Women should have the same status as men in society.  Society cannot progress, depending on men alone.  It has to harness the female power too.

As these qualities and teachings of Swami Vivekananda taught me how to live in this world.

By Sujith, Premier High School, Bangalore

A teacher is an important as one’s own parents. A teacher teaches us many valuable things in our life .But there are some people who might not be a teacher by profession but teaches us lesson for life. Such an incident was witnessed by me a few days ago.

One day I was playing with my friends in our living room and our maid servant was sweeping the floor at that time. In our excitement we collided with the flower vase and it scattered into pieces. We were shocked at this and decided to not to say about the incident to our elders. When my mother saw the broken vase she suspected that our maid servant had broken it. She tried to defend herself  but to no avail. I was watching the scene with a heavy heart. I wanted to reveal the truth but was afraid that I had to endure my mother’s outburst. I went to my elder brother and ask for his advice. My brother told me to go and tell the truth to our mother. When I said so, my mother looked at me angrily and asked me not to do so again. I said sorry to our maid servant and realized that one should always choose the path of truthfulness. That day my brother, as a teacher taught me a lesson for life.

By TANUJ JALLAN, Happy Child High School, Guwahati

Many a times, life teaches us valuable lessons. We as students learn lessons mainly from our teachers. But another teacher which is very important in my life is my mother. From the time we are born, our mothers teach us important things in life. Our mothers teach us how to walk and many other important things. She is always by our side in our victories and helps as well as encourages us to rise from our defeats. She shows us the right path and tell us what is good and bad. She is the first teacher of our life and teaches us the basics before schooling. She is the first and the best teacher outside the classroom. She in fact, teaches us not one but innumerable lessons for life. Thus, I conclude by writing that a teacher outside my classroom, who taught me many lessons for life was my mother.

By Stephen C Philipose, Asian International Private School, Abu Dhabi

This indelible incident took place years ago, but remains fresh in my memory. Our family had just moved into the new house.  A few months later, we had a visitor asking for my father. “Tell him it’s about the property taxes.” he said.

I led him to my father in the living room. They discussed for a while. While my mother looked worried, my father wore a defiant expression. I managed to listen in.

“Sir, it is not possible without the additional amount.” said the man.
“No.”, replied my father.

“No?” The man looked surprised.

“I will not pay more than what is due.”

The man rose and left soon after. I later asked my father what it was all about, he smiled.  “He wanted me to pay him off.”
“He wanted you to bribe him?” I asked.


I later learnt from my mother that my father had paid the taxes directly to the higher authorities and had got the property validated. We never saw the man again.

To this day, I remember the way my father stuck to his principles. As he told me later, “Paying a bribe is as bad as asking for one.”

By Sanjeet Sivakumar,  Presidency School, RT Nagar, Bangalore

My Dad Vinit is the teacher who taught me the lesson for life outside the school. He taught me many things including behaving at all places, how to respect and treat others.

He is guiding me to reach my vision and goal.  He guides where ever required.  I could recall an incident during my 4th standard, when I spent 36 RS without any information to my parents, which they came to know, but they did not scold me rather advised me and made me to understand the effects of such behavior.

I corrected my self and will never repeat such things in life.  The way how they convince and made me understand is helping, encouraging me to learn good thins and habits.

These things will definitely make me a good responsible and successful citizen of this country.

By Chinmay V Dhareshwar, Carmel High School, Baseveshwaranagar, Bangalore

Since my childhood I have spent many a summer vacation at my grandpa’s place in Dhanbad. My grandpa has a factory there and it was always fun to stay with him. One of the constant figures in his household was an old driver named Bholu. This man looked so old that I almost thought that the little boy who sometimes came along with him was his grandson. It was much later that I realized that he was only thirty; but the harshness of life had left him looking old.

It was during one such summer vacation that I learnt an important lesson in life. I still remember the day very vividly; when grandpa came home extremely worried and fraught with tension. He had misplaced his briefcase in which he had withdrawn cash from the bank to pay his employees. The amount was in lakhs.

Everyone in the house was panic stricken. It was a short while later that Bholu walkedin with the briefcase in hand. Grandpa was so relieved to see the money intact. He instinctively hugged Bholu and removed a thousand rupee note to give him. Bholu refused to take it and kept quiet. He seemed very tall in my eyes that day. I realized how Bholu’s honesty had withstood such a huge temptation. I truly understood that day what honesty was all about.

By Harshvardhan Sanghi, Greenwood High, Bangalore

The teacher outside the classroom for me is a dog because i saw many dogs on the street which do not have a place to leave and that was my first time to know the importance of my life and the precious place i live….the god comes to us in the form of a teacher and teaches us so many things..i would adopt all the street dogs and give them a place to live and i m sure i will do that……i think dogs as my teacher because of some incidents and the 1 among them is once when i was walking alone on the street i saw a dog which was licking a plastic cover though i was scared of dogs i went and threw that cover away and in this there r some people who never cares for the one who has no money and all that i learnt from this is ”to live in this world all that i need is a helping nature and all the material comfort’

By Muskan Jain, Premier High School, Bangalore

She may have yelled at me, played the silent game with me but she always came back and took care of me. She taught me so many things in life. I may not have listened to her at first and maybe even now I don’t listen to her but my love for her never ends. The person I am talking about is my mother. She may have given me many lectures in life and also kept on my back for my playing violin but slowly I have come to realize that she did that only for my own good. She is the one who always keeps the peace in the house. From her I have learnt how to sacrifice for someone I care about. I have also learnt from her that there is no stronger love than a mothers’ love and for her I love her as my mom and as a life teacher. She will always be the only teacher to remain in my heart forever.

By Durga Iyer, Vidya Mandir @Estancia, Chennai

Mrs. Rajam is a teacher outside my classroom who taught me a lesson for life. I learnt to be sincere in my work from her.She always used to say “First give importance to dignity then only studies.Dignity helps us to become a very good person in life.” She is always punchual in timeand be clean. Mrs.Gomathi is an another teacher who taught me a lesson for life.She identifies the tallent of a student and bring them up in that field. That is her speciality. I had a experience like that with her.I know to read tamil well. So she encouraged me to participate in the annual day programme for announcement. She broght my tallent out on that programme.after the encouragement ofher only I know my tallent. I was appretiated by the chief guest and the principal for doing well in the annual day programme. So these advises and encouragements from them impressed me. So I hope that I can become a very good person in my life.

By Devasena

We all go to school to study, to play, to make ourselves a well disciplined person and to learn moral values. Some find studying boring and some find it interesting. The great lengthy lectures bore everyone. But, I can, without doubt, say that lessons outside the classroom based on the different life situations create a great interest in the brains of every student.

We also have a great teacher, Anu ma’am, which, whenever a have a free period, (not exactly teaches) but interact with us in a very friendly manner on real life situations or moral values.

On this Tuesday she came and interacted with us on the topic “MY NEVER GIVE UP ATTITUDE”. There are some circumstances where we lose are confidence and give up. But this is not a right thing.Ma’am told us, “Never give up”, is a statement which people use to inspire themselves or others not to stop working until they reach their goal, and I totally agree with this.

She told us that there are plenty of stories of famous personalities who have really demonstrated the meaning of “Never Give Up”. One of the best examples is Lance Armstrong. Lance who is a Champion Cyclist has won many international competitions despite being a Cancer patient. A person once hardly be able to get up from bed, became the winner in the Tour De France cycling completion competing with the world’s best of the best . He once said “When I was sick I dint want to die and when I race I dint want to loose. Dying and loosing is all the same”. It was his Never give up attitude which made him reach his goal despite many obstacles.

Another best example is, Mahatma Gandhi, considered Father of Nation in India, never gave up until India got freedom from British rule. Even though he had to endure many difficult times such as being arrested frequently, he did not loose heart or loose will and worked till he achieved his ultimate goal, freedom to India.

Anu ma’am told us many other interesting things related to this. All the children were listening very carefully, even the undisciplined and naughty ones. I really believe that she is a very good teacher and, in a way, she is my role model.

So we should conclude and learn from this that ,’There are many circumstances and troubles in life , many joys and sorrows to come, but we should never loose hope and most importantly remember that , “NEVER GIVE UP”.

By Prabhleen Kaur Gosal, Saupin’s School, Mohali

As I live in a joint family with my grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt and two cousins, my grandmother is my best teacher outside my classroom. She taught me to speak truth. She does not know how to read and write but she is always there to help me in my study to complete my work on time. She is the only one who taught me to be responsible in my studies. She always ensures that I should be always punctual in all classes that  ie. my dance class, my tennis class, my singing classes. She is the only one who teach me life skill which I did not learn in my classroom. She always teach me to share things with my cousins and my sister. I love my grandmother very much. I will always remember her lessons for my whole life. She taught me to prayer to almighty. Thanks to my grandmother to be my teacher outside the classroom.

By  Smriti Roy, Delhi Public School, East Ahmedabad

Two months back, in July, my family and I were going out of station to celebrate our summer holidays. It was about 2 o’ clock and we all were feeling hungry. On our way we stopped at a roadside food stall (dhaba). There was child, Chhotu, who was serving us and many others food. Born into poverty, he is forced to find work at a roadside food stall under the somewhat cruel owner, who was always shouting at him. But I and my family were mesmerized to see him with a book in his hands. He was working, earning money for his family and side by side studying for his future. I was really shocked to see him and that day I learnt a thing that if he can study in such conditions then why can’t we people study when we are provided with every thing by our parents? We have every thing but still we are not satisfied, and he had nothing but still he was satisfied.



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